Sunday, 10 July 2016

Birch Box July

Every Month i have a little box turn up on my door step from Birch Box. I always mean to share with you every month the goodies i get in this little box, but as always life gets in the way and i am pretty rubbish at updating my blog.

This months July box was lovely! As always they come up trumps when sending some lovely beauty products. Its an online subscription if you have never heard of it and every month they will send you new products to try, smaller versions but bigger than testers would be. 

The boxes each month are always different , pretty colours and a different theme. If you like the products they send to you, just pop online and order some goodies for yourself. 

This month was Never Ending Summer, a summer inspired box of goodies a collaboration with the beautiful Millie Makintosh. And i must say my favourite Lip product was in this months box, the LOC Bohemian Rose lip color! Oh my goodness so pretty.

There was also a lovely elemis night cream, LOVE Elemis i'm a huge fan, a lovely little ester of a nails inc colour in a soft mint, a hydraluron Boosting Mask, and an in shower volume treatment by John Frieda!
So spoilt and cannot wait to try them all. 
They always come in cute little box, and in a draw string bag inside. And a little booklet to tell you whats in your box, where the inspiration came from and about each product.

Intrigued?? Pop on over and follow them on snapchat BirchboxUK and insta @BirchboxUK! 
The Summer sale is also now on!

Magical Moments

Every now and then i am going to do a magical moments post. This is going to be a post of photos. Ones i have taken over previous weeks that have captured magical moments. This will mostly be of Martha i am sure, but it could be anything. Any moment that has made me step back and take a moment. Like all mummies it happens alot, one of those moments that you want to capture, when you want to freeze time and breathe in the moment. Never forgetting that look on their face, or what they may be doing in that moment, you want it to last forever. Its one reason i love taking photos. I mean people joke all the time about how much i love taking pictures, how i always have my phone in my hand,or a camera round my neck but i do this so i can capture the moment, whilst not forgetting to live in the moment either.
This is very important.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Love from Both Sides

I felt like doing a post today.  And wanted to share some news with you and how i feel about this.

I'm happy right now, really happy to be honest. I finally feel like everything is falling into place. Martha is happy and that to me is whats most important.
Life is good.

 I had some pretty big news about a month ago. Martha is going to be a sister. And let me just stop you there not by me, but her Dads new partner. Cant really explain how i felt when i heard, a mixture of emotions. In fact every emotion you could possible imagine. Don't get me wrong i am happy for him, i truly am, He deserves to be happy. And despite everything that has happened between us i do hope he is. But wow, you know we were together for 13 years, we made our little girl, we had a lovely life, we have memories and special ones at that. And i suppose i felt sad. But as we all know, and some of us better than others, life moves on. Sometimes we have to draw a line under an old chapter and start a fresh one.

Martha is so happy, she is going to be a big sister. Hopefully one day when the time is right i can give her this also.
My sadness didn't come from wanting this with him, we have had our chance, like i said we have some amazing memories that i will treasure forever. But i think it came from all of that. the fact we experienced that with each other when we had Martha and now he will experience it with someone new.  I never thought back then that that would happen, i thought we were to be together forever and that neither of us would go through all these very special moments with anyone else.
Now he is.
Also i suppose i felt angry, that it had happened so quickly, that she has come into Marthas life and now all this is happening, she is being able to give Martha a brother or sister before i am, i wanted to be the one to do that first. I mean shes my little girl. 
God do i sound awful, maybe but these were the thoughts i had. Sadness, anger, frustration. We lost a baby so i suppose i felt guilt and hate for myself for not being able to give him another one when we tried. I cant explain some of the other thoughts i had, maybe if you have been in a similar situation you will know.

Our life took a path neither of us were expecting. We both made choices we shouldn't have, that now is in the past and we both know the truth behind all of those choices, that is private. And will remain that way.

But one thing we both know is that we love Martha very very much. He wants the best for her and so do i. He is in a new relationship, Martha says she in nice and Martha is happy, again that's all i truly care about. My little girl likes her and that's good enough for me. I am hoping that one day soon, me and her will be able to get on, communicate and have some kind of friendship. I mean she is going to be in Marthas life for a long time and at times maybe will need to be there for her when i am not able too.
I have my new partner and his relationship with Martha is lovely. 
Martha is one lucky little girl. She has a Mummy and Daddy who love her so much and two extra people who will be there to show her love kindness and friendship.
And soon she will have a new brother or sister. I'm ok with this. Its huge, but i am. 

Didn't think i would be able to write all this down, let alone share it with you all. Like i have said before life shocks us sometimes, throws things at us, but makes us who we are,
I don't want to be a bitter, angry, sad person. I want to be positive, happy, and grateful for all that i have. I cant change the past i can only focus on the future. Learn from mistakes and be the best Mummy i can be.
I hope sharing this with some of you may help if you are in a similar situation, i think its okay to have all of these thoughts and feelings, we are only human after all. 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Garnier Ultimate Blends

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely box of goodies from GarnierUK the other day. Its actually my first box of products any company has ever sent me, so you can imagine how much i was jumping for joy over opening the parcel and finding this lovely box filled with not only shampoo and conditioner but some other lovely things too.
 So i thought i would share with you what i got.

Firstly i have to mention the shampoo and conditioner. Now i am a colourist/stylist so i do tend to use alot of high end products, but like i have said in the past i am slightly addicted to going into Superdrug and browsing for quite a while all the different mid range products that are out there for us all. I do buy some of these and try them, just so i know exactly what i am talking about.
Now there are alot of mid range products that i do rate. I love trying them and am always open to seeing what they are like and going on to recommend to you guys if i find something that is amazing.

So the shampoo and conditioner is for coloured hair. And is the colour illuminator. One thing i immediately like about this is the packaging and size. They are quite big and i like that as your getting a good amount for your money.
They contain argan oil, which we all know is blummin amazing, especially if you have dry slightly damaged hair as this adds lots of moisture and makes our hair feels amazingly soft and smooth. 
It also contains cranberry extract, which adds to the most gorgeous berry scent.
I found it lathered up really well, i loved the smell and as soon as i washed the shampoo off my hair felt really nice. 
The one thing i like about a conditioner is that i like it to immediately make my hair feel soft and smooth and if i get a conditioner that doesn't do this, then, well that's it i don;t particularly like it. 
This delivered. It made my hair feels so sleek. My hair is quite dry on the ends and this added the right amount of moisture. Once out of the shower and drying my hair it felt very soft, a was a dream to comb through and it still smells lovely now. Again that is something else i like, when your hair has a lovely  freshly washed smell hours after. My hair didn't feel coated like with some mid range conditioners, it didn't feel heavy or make my hair feel it still had product in it.
I must admit i was quite impressed. I haven't had much luck with cheaper conditioners as i feel they just coat the hair, yes leaving it feeling soft but with a horrible texture to it. Heavy lank and just to thick to act as a conditioner. 
But this definitely gets my vote! 
Well done GarnierUK i will be purchasing some more of your products soon for sure.

Also in my box as you can see i got some little funky stickers, a gorgeous candle from SenseChic, a mini tripod for my camera, some pretty lights, i'm all about pretty fairy lights! a little dish and a cool positive vibes sign. All lovely thoughtful bits to help with my photography and blogging.

Thank you once again for letting me try your products and for sending me such a lovely box of goodies. 
And i hope you have all enjoyed having a little read.

See you soon Guys 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Candle Collection

I have a guilty pleasure. To be honest i have a few. And one of them is candles. I seem to be slightly obsessed. If i go into a garden centre, a gift shop, even places like Primark, i find myself drawn to that section. The section where all the beautiful glass jars are placed in such a gorgeous order that i cant but just help myself and i have to dive in.
Picking up as many, one after the other as i can, lifting the lids and having a good old sniff. Trying to fins which ones i love the most. 

They can be in jars, tins, tealights, tartlets, votives, i really don't care. 
I have such a variety at home, and i love them all.
So much so i thought i would share my collection with you.

Primark Haul.
Last week i popped into Primark with my sister in law. I say popped in, we were in there about an hour and a half. And i just love the home section they now have in there. especially these! I mean for £2/£3 you cant go wrong!!! Yes granted they probably burn quick, and maybe not as even as some of the more expensive. But one thing i can say after burning the two rose ones for a while is they smell amazing!! Definitely worth a buy if you haven't tried these already.

My Yankee Collection.
These have got to be my all time favourites. They never let me down. I took some time out from hairdressing last year and worked in a little local gift shop. I till help out every now and again, because to be honest although Hairdressing is my passion, i absolutely loved working in this little shop. And the candles, well lets just say my obsession grew from this.
 I love the jars, the range of scents is amazing. I have a burner that i tend to use my tartlets in, i have a few little glass jars that hold the votives and the yankee tealights burn for so much longer than cheaper ones.
The burner in the photo below is one from scentsy, Its a plug in and very safe. I just use my yankee tarts in this and they work perfectly.
I tend to go for softer scents, i love, Linen, vanilla, fluffy towels.
I have two tins that i keep these little candles in and i always love keeping it topped up. And then getting them out and having a rummage.

Bomb Cosmetics Candles
I love their bath bombs and i love their candles. I dont buy these often, to be honest i tend to buy these as presents for friends birthdays, Fairy Dust being my absolute fave! But i do like them alot.
Mango Fandango is another one i like. Completlely different to Fairy Dust, its much more stringer fruity and Mango like! Fairy Dust is so soft and pretty.
They have bought alot of new ones out recently, well the gift shop i am obsessed with in my home down has started stocking more.  And i must admit i know its abit sad but i literally go in just to smell the candles and see if the range has new ones out.
These make lovely gifts, come in a cool little tin and although they dont burn as well as yankee they are strong scents and i like them alot. :-)

Woodwick Candles 
Now, these are new to my local gift shop. And what can i say. One word. WOW! Love love love.
They are higher end. The one i have here retails at £24.99. They crackle like a fire. The sound is so soothing. They are soya based so don't let off smoke like the Yankees tend to abit. And they smell delicious.
You can get these ones which are an oval shape and the wick is long. Which when its lit just looks amazing.
And they do smaller jars and taller jars. I haven't looked at the whole range yet on line but these are the only ones my gift shop stocks. Some of the jars are trios aswell which means they have 3 scents in them and as they burn down it hits one scent then another and then the last one. Incredible.
These make gorgeous gifts if your willing to spend alittle more. I got my mum one for Mothers day and she loves it. The link is here if you want to pop over and have a look. And if you live in the Bedfordshire area pop into the Gorgeous Gift shop Biggleswade adn say hi to my friend Sarah! She stocks so much beautiful stuff including all these candles.

Look at that wick!!!!!!

So i hope you have liked my candle collection. I know they are not very safe, and can be a hazard. but i am always very careful i keep them up out of reach from Martha and never just let them burn for hours and hours. And when i go out i always blow them out. So i think as long as they are used safely, candles are very calming and relaxing. And they look blummin lovely too.

Thank you for stopping by guys.
Speak soon

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

Lovely quick review on the Elemis Pro- Radiance illuminating flash balm.
I had never tried this before. I must admit i do love Elemis products but they are something i never seem to buy for myself but wait until its my Birthday or Christmas in the hope someone may treat me to a small Elemis gift.
I was at Salon International London yesterday and although i am a colour specialist and training manager i loved looking around all the beauty stands, seeing what products were on offer and what was new.
Elemis was there and had a pretty impressive stand, along with there Spa Bus. Which was amazing, this is exactly what it says it is a spa on a bus. Pretty cool yeah??! So we popped on and had a look what was on offer. 
Deciding eventually on a back massage each we popped upstairs and sat down on the chair couches and had the most amazing 20 minute massage. With hot stones! Bliss.
If you ever come across the Elemis Spa Bus be sure to have a browse!

Once down i couldn't leave without grabbing myself a little treat to take home. And opted for the Flash Balm.

Now obviously the packaging caught my eye. Its beautiful. And the fact you get to grab yourself with it a pretty make up bag. What girl doesn't always need a new make up bag. 
But i was also looking for something other than just a cleanser or toner. Or just a body lotion.

I had a little go with it last night, and then again this morning and i must say i love it.

You can use as a light daily moisturiser, as a radiance booster or make up primer. 
The consistency of the cream is just perfect and isn't to watery based or to thick. It feels ultra light on your skin.
And the smell is out of this world!

The smoothness it gives is perfect and its anti ageing so again every girl should be thinking more about using anti ageing products the older we all get.

Its said to brighten and tighten the skin. Yep! Sounds good to me!
And leaves the skin with a dewy fresh faced look.

I am going to continue to use this before applying my make up. It was a great buy and Elemis never lets me down. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Hope you have enjoyed this little review guys.

Please pop a comment below or come follow me over on instagram at Missmarthaandme for gorgeous pics of mine and Marthas life along with lots of beauty treats :-).

Speak soon 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

My Nail Collection

I thought i would share with you my favourites out of my nail collection. I have some pretty colours, and a large array of brands. I have only gone for those that i love, the ones i tend to go for the most. I had a good sort out of them the other week, but have still been left with way to many.
I have always had really short nails. I have been a biter my whole life, BUT i recently stopped and they look so so much nicer. Rather proud of myself.
I have a posh doo for work coming up next week and didn't want to have to put falsies on like i always tend to do when i have something special coming up.

I have put them into colour groups, and popped the name of each one below, just in case you see something you like :-) 
(Working clockwise from the top on each photo)

Essie-lilacism, Barry M-Hi Shine Prickly Pear, Barry M- Quick Dry Need for Speed.

OPI- La Paz-itively Hot, Tanya Burr- Mini Marshmallows, Barry M- Hi shine Sugar Plum, Barry M- Hi shine Pink Punch, OPI- Pedal Faster Suzy, Rimmel- Ring a Ring o Roses, Barry M Quick Dry- Kiss me Quick.

Barry M Quick Dry- Turbo Charged Coral Shimmer, OPI- Magazine Cover Mouse, Morgan Taylor- Rare as Rubies, Barry M Textured Effect- Princess, China Glaze- Ruby Pumps, Rimmel Kate- Hip Hop. 

Rimmel Rita Ora- Bestival Blue, Barry M Hi Shine- Balckberry, OPI- Shine for Me, Rimmel Velvet Matte- Midnight Kiss. 

OPI- I cannoli wear OPI, Barry M Hi Shine- White, OPI- My very first Knockwurst, Barry M Hi Shine- Coconut, Barry M Quick dry- Stop the Clock. 

Tanya Burr- Little Duck, Barry M- 304, Barry M Quick Dry- Road Rage, Barry M Hi Shine- Huckleberry.

These are some of the little extras i like to use. The far back is by ASP and its a strengthener, I use the beauty secrets cuticle oil, and either the rapid dry top coat or just the normal OPI top coat to finish.

Hope you have enjoyed my Nail collection.

Thank you for stopping by :-).